About Catholic Pacific College

Catholic Pacific College & Trinity Western University

CPC enjoys a unique partnership with Trinity Western University, providing students a solid foundation in the liberal arts, taught from a Catholic perspective, as they work their way towards an undergraduate degree in any one of the 45+ undergraduate majors offered by TWU. Students at CPC can concurrently pursue a Catholic Theological Studies Minor while undertaking their course of studies at TWU.

CPC's sections of TWU courses are taught at our building, nestled next to the Salmon River creek near historic Fort Langley. Over a hundred students currently call Catholic Pacific College home as they pursue their choice of degree programs at TWU. The CPC building has been affectionately nicknamed by students as the Catholic Pacific “cottage”, because of the cosy old house where we come together as a community.



CPC & The Cardinal Newman Society

Catholic Pacific is one of only two colleges in Canada who are on the coveted list of Catholic colleges recommended for fidelity and excellence by The Cardinal Newman Society, and published in The Newman Guide to Choosing a Catholic College.