Vic Cavalli
Sessional | ENGL 103 - Intro to Fiction; ENGL 104 - Intro to Poetry & Drama

Vic Cavalli, Assistant Professor of English at TWU, brings Catholic Pacific College his expertise in both early-modern religious literature and in creative writing.  His research on Robert Southwell has been published in Recusant HistoryFaith & Reason, and Ushaw Magazine.  His poetry, short fiction, and visual art have been published in various literary journals in North America, England, Australia, and New Zealand.

Area of Expertise: Early-modern Religious Literature; Creative Writing

Research: Youth culture; Anthropology of identity; Tribalism; Hip hop culture; Theological dimensions of Heavy Metal culture; Emerging Canadian authors; Literature and the Visual Arts.

Education: B.A. (St. Thomas University); M.A. (University of British Columbia); Ph.D. (cand.) (University of British Columbia)

Professor Cavalli's Courses

Fall 2021
ENGL 105 CP - Fiction in a Catholic Context

Spring 2022
ENGL 106 CP - Poetry & Drama in a Catholic Context