Financial Awards are available from Catholic Pacific College to Catholic students taking sections of TWU courses at CPC's Glover Road Campus. You are eligible for CPC Financial Awards if you are Catholic, enrolled at TWU, taking courses at CPC, and have unmet financial need. Students attending TWU on Torch Scholarships are not eligible for CPC Financial Awards. CPC Financial Awards are stacked on top of your TWU awards, but your total awards cannot exceed the cost of your tuition for that semester. Financial Awards are not available retroactively. The deadline for applying is the add/drop date for that semester. **Also, if you apply for the fall semester, you will automatically be eligible for the spring semester of that same school year**. (If you did not apply in the fall, but would like the financial awards for the spring semester, please submit an application before the add/drop deadline of the spring semester.) If you need more information or have any questions, please see Sherri at the office or call. Click here to apply.

$2,500 - 5 courses/semester
$2,000 - 4 courses/semester
$300 - 3 courses/semester
$200 - 2 courses/semester
$100 - 1 course/semester