ENGL 104 CP - Intro to Poetry & Drama
(Course not offered after Spring 2021)


*Not all courses are available next semester - check schedule for course availability

(3 sem. hrs.) 

Building on the skills acquired in English 103, an advanced study of poetry and drama with the purpose of understanding literature and cultivating skills in scholarly research, textual analysis, and academic writing and documentation. Such skills are fostered by closely reading and analyzing poems and plays by accomplished writers. Students focus on the distinctive conventions of the genres of poetry and drama in order to interpret these works critically, while interacting thoughtfully with themes presented therein; there is a particular focus on analyzing and making use of effective patterns of language, lyrical and theatrical presentation, and figures of speech. Students continue to develop their academic prose, with attention to advanced grammar, diction, phrasing, organization and argument-building in the thesis-driven essay.

  • Prerequisite(s): WRTG 100 or 101 unless exempt at point of admission to the University. (3-0; 3-0)

  • This course fulfills University Core Requirements for English, and the requirements for an English Major, Concentration, or Minor.

  • All CPC courses may be counted as electives for any TWU Degree. CPC courses may count towards CPC certificates as listed in the Course Requirements for each Certificate.

Video: St. Crispin’s Day Speech, Kenneth Branagh, Henry V (William Shakespeare), 1989, Universal Pictures (UK)