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Student Life

What's Happening on Campus

Meet the CPC Faculty


Dr. Andrew Kaethler
Assistant Professor


Fr. David Bellusci, O.P.
Assistant Professor


Prof. David Henderson
Assistant Professor


Dr. David Baird
Visiting Professor


Dr. Carly Henderson
Session Instructor


Prof. Vic Cavalli
Sessional Instructor


Prof. Rachel Lacy-Boersma
Sessional Instructor


Dr. Germain McKenzie
Sessional Instuctor


Prof. Loranne Brown
Sessional Instuctor

All Courses Alphabetically

ART 215 CP - Beauty & the Sacred (formerly Beauty and the Sacred Arts)
ENGL 105 CP - Fiction in a Catholic Context
ENGL 106 CP - Poetry & Drama in a Catholic Context
LATN 211 CP - Latin (formerly Medieval Ecclesial Latin)
MCOM 172 CP - Introduction to Interpersonal Communication
PHIL 115 CP - Virtue Ethics
PHIL 303 CP - Medieval Philosophy
PHIL 304 CP - Philosophy of Thomas Aquinas
PHIL 305 CP - Philosophy of the Human Person
PHIL 333 CP - Philosophy of Literature
RELS 105 CP - The Coherence of Faith
RELS 106 CP - Sacred Scripture
RELS 107 CP - Doctrine and Disciplines
RELS 224 CP - New Testament Theology
RELS 275 CP - Vatican I to Today
RELS 365 CP - Christian Moral Theology
RELS 366 CP - Theology of the Body
RELS 367 CP - The Catholic Church: Past & Present
RELS 372 CP - Contemporary Catholic Theology of the Love of God
RELS 375 CP - C.S. Lewis
RELS 387 CP - Christian Theology in Ecumenical Dialogue
RELS 388 CP - Liturgy & Sacraments
RELS 399 CP - Catholic Spirituality in the Modern World
RELS 465 CP - Influential Thinkers in the Western Christian Tradition
RELS 473 CP - The Theology of Thomas Aquinas and John Paul II


Chaplaincy & Liturgy


Our chaplain, Fr. Lawrence Donnelly, and the local clergy of the Archdiocese of Vancouver, are pleased to provide the following liturgy, devotions, and spiritual direction for the college community and guests:

Celebration of the Eucharist

Mass is celebrated in the Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite (English) from Monday to Thursday from 11:00 to 11:30 am in the main classroom.

Mass on Sundays is available at local parishes: St. Nicholas', St. Joseph's, and Sts. Joachim and Ann's.

Sacrament of Reconciliation

Confession is available in the Chaplain's office by appointment or from 10:15 to 10:45 am on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction is available from the Chaplain by appointment.


What is an academic minor?

An academic minor is a field of study that is secondary to a major degree. Rather than pursuing a double major - which is generally more expensive and takes longer to finish - students can expand their range of knowledge with a minor. A minor can be focused on an area of personal interest that may not be included in the program of the major. Also, it may be a field of study that expands the scope of their major; for example, psychology majors may take religious studies in order to practice within a faith community.

What is a Catholic Studies Minor?

The Catholic Studies Minor is granted by the Christianity and Culture program at TWU but is administered and taught by Catholic Pacific College professors. The minor is comprised of theology and philosophy courses that are designed to expose students to the richness of the Catholic intellectual tradition. In turn, the skills and knowledge gained from these courses complement the programs that Trinity Western University provides.

Why pursue a minor?

In general, a minor has both personal and career benefits. Regardless of the reason behind taking the minor, it is additional education that will enrich your life and add to your uniqueness. A Catholic Studies minor particularly excels in this regard since it directly engages with fundamental questions that pertain to all aspects of life, enabling students to make informed choices about faith, relationships, vocation, and careers.

Further, the minor will boost the students’ CV/resume. In order to add depth and insight to organizations employers often look for persons with diverse experience and education. Well-rounded individuals have potential to think outside of the box, a critical asset in an ever-changing marketplace. In addition, a graduate with a Catholic Studies minor is particularly well-suited for work within Catholic institutions (e.g., Catholic education).

The Details

See official TWU Catholic Studies Minor Checklist

A total of 24 s.h. of credit, including a minimum of 12 s.h. of upper-level credit is required to complete a Minor. A minimum overall (cumulative) GPA of 2.00 is required for graduation.

In order to be eligible for graduation you must complete an Application for Graduation via the Student Portal and submit a completed checklist to the Office of the Registrar by April 30 of the year prior to your completion (there is no fee to apply for graduation). Once your complete application has been received, a degree audit will be completed for you. This audit will confirm which courses are still outstanding in order for you to complete your degree.

List of Required Courses for Catholic Studies Minor

The Catholic Studies Minor course requirement is currently being revised. Please contact CPC’s Academic Dean for an accurate list of acceptable courses. A full list of CPC courses can be found here: catholicpacific.ca/allcourses.

CPC Additional Resources & Archives

Dialoguing Toward Truth

Episode 1: Do Catholics Worship Mary?
Episode 4: Is the Eucharist True Flesh & Blood
Episode 7: Do Catholics Worship Graven Images?
Episode 2: Why do Catholics Pray to Saints?

Episode 5: Do Catholics Believe the Pope is Perfect?
Episode 8: Do Catholics Use Only Rote Prayers?
Episode 3: Why do Catholics Confess to a Priest?

Episode 6: Do Catholics Teach "Works" Salvation?
Episode 9: Why Do Catholics Pray the Rosary?

About CPC

Faith & Academics
Sacramental Living

About the Catholic Formation Track

Introduction to CFT
ENGL 106 - Poetry & Drama in a Catholic Context
RELS 107 - Doctrine & Disciplines
RELS 388 - Liturgy & Sacraments
LATN 211 - Latin
Intro to CFT Courses
RELS 105 - The Coherence of Faith
PHIL 115 - Virtue Ethics
RELS 382 - Vatican I to Today
ENGL 105 - Fiction in a Catholic Context
RELS 106 - Sacred Scripture
ART 215 - Beauty & the Sacred
RELS 367 - The Catholic Church: Past & Present
Communiqué example
February Communique
March Communique
September 2019 Communique
RSV Holy Bible Catholic Edition
Summa Theologiae by St. Thomas Aquinas
Aquinas 101 - aquinas101.com
Early Church Fathers - New Advent
Papal Encyclicals Online
Ecumenical Councils by Papal Encyclicals Online
New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia
Catechism of the Catholic Church
Catholic Faith Study

Catholic Faith Study

Fr. Lawrence will be instructing students on matters of the Catholic faith and guiding them through various provocative/controversial questions that often arise about it. People new to Catholicism will gain a foundational understanding of it, and those familiar with it will deepen their understanding of it.

Come check it out, there are no commitments involved - although, you'll probably get hooked!

The Most Holy Rosary

The Joyful Mysteries

The Luminous Mysteries

The Sorrowful Mysteries

The Glorious Mysteries


Catholic Pacific College is a teaching institute for Trinity Western University and is located right at the entrance to the university.

CPC provides the Catholic Formation Track as an alternative for the TWU Core curriculum, elective courses for various concentrations, and a Catholic Studies Minor at Trinity Western University.

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CPC Campus Address:
7720 Glover Road
Langley, BC, V2Y 2S9

Phone: 604-888-7727
Fax: 604-882-8048