Dr. Germain McKenzie

Germain McKenzie is a Peruvian-Canadian theologian who holds a B.Th. and a MTS/M.Div. from the Pontifical School of Theology of Lima, Peru. He received a Ph.D. in Religion and Culture from the Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C.

He has lectured on topics related to Catholic Theology and the Social Teaching of the Church at different universities in Latin America and the United States. His current research interests include the contemporary conditions for belief in the West and new evangelization; the secular and post-secular debate; and the pre-conditions for a dialogue between theology and sociology. Broadly speaking, his theoretical approach wants to bridge theology and the social sciences, with a focus on ethical issues.

He has worked as General Editor of the Latin American journal Revista VE, where he has published some peer-reviewed articles on social ethics: “Medellin: 30 Years After” and “John Paul II’s Reconciliation Proposal for Latin America.” He has also conducted several interviews and written numerous reviews for the same journal. Forthcoming publications by Dr. McKenzie are “Buddhism in Peru,” which is an entry in the Handbook of Latin American Religions, and Taylorean Sociology. Charles Taylor’s View of Secularization in Comparison, a book based on McKenzie's doctoral dissertation, is to be published by Springer.

Dr. McKenzie is an activist for Catholic-inspired social change in Latin America. He has served poor communities in the shanty towns of Lima, Peru, for more than 10 years. As a member of the Board of Solidarity Experiences Abroad, a Canadian Non-for-Profit that organizes solidarity trips for Canadian university students travelling to Latin America and Africa, he has collaborated with grass-roots organizations to promote development and social justice.

Fall 2017 Courses - Walnut Grove Campus:

RELS 101, The Religious Sense

Spring 2017 Courses - Walnut Grove Campus:

HIST 201, History of Christianity II

Spring 2017 Courses - Glover Road Campus:

HIST 302 CP, Greece and Rome: Leadership in the Ancient World

Fall 2016 Courses - Walnut Grove Campus:

HIST 101, History of Christianity I

Fall 2016 Courses - Glover Road Campus:

PHIL 305 CP, Philosophy of the Human Person

Spring 2016 Courses:

HIST 302 CP, Greece and Rome: Leadership in the Ancient World

RELS 382 CP, The Catholic Church: Theology and Practice

RELS 473 CP, The Theology of Thomas Aquinas and John Paul II

Fall 2015 Courses:

PHIL 111 CP, History of Western Philosophy: Ancient & Medieval

PHIL 305 CP, Philosophy of the Human Person

RELS 160 CP, Introduction to Theology