PHIL 305 CP, Philosophy of the Human Person

Dr. Germain McKenzie, Mondays, 6 pm to 9 pm

PHIL 305 CP, Philosophy of the Human Person (3 sem. hrs.)

This course addresses what it means to say that human beings are persons having freedom and subjectivity. It examines the different powers of the human person, including the powers of understanding, willing, feeling, and loving. It will also examine the difference between body and soul, as well as the unity of the two in humans. Finally, it will explore the question of the immortality of the soul.

  • Prerequisites: any 100-level PHIL course, or instructor’s permission.

  • The course meets the University Core Requirement for Philosophy, and meets the requirements for a Philosophy Major, Concentration, or Minor; English Ancillary Requirement; and Christianity and Culture: Catholic Studies Minor.

  • All CPC courses may be counted as electives for any TWU Degree.

  • CPC courses may count towards CPC certificates as listed in the Course Requirements for each Certificate.