MCOM 172 CP, Intro to Interpersonal Communication

Loranne Brown, Thursdays, 6 pm to 9 pm

MCOM 172 CP, Introduction to Interpersonal Communication (3 sem. hrs)

Introduces basic self-awareness and interpersonal communication skills. Students learn about the nature of the communications process. The emphasis is on developing and practicing the ability to communicate effectively with others. 

  • Fulfills university core requirement for Society and Culture, and the Communications Department human competency requirement.

   Prerequisite(s): none

   The course meets the University Core Requirement for Society & Culture; and meets the requirements for a Communications Major, Concentration, or Minor; or Psychology, and Sociology Ancillary Requirements.

   All CPC courses may be counted as electives for any TWU Degree.

   CPC courses may count towards CPC certificates as listed in the Course Requirements for each Certificate.