Liberal Arts Diploma

CPC's two-year Liberal Arts Diploma is a classical Liberal Arts program which concentrates on the “the Great Books,” and is enhanced to include various forms of media literacy.

Learning Outcomes

   • Knowledge of human culture and the natural world

    Intellectual and practical skills (written and oral communication; inquiry, critical thinking, and creative thinking; quantitative literacy; information literacy; teamwork; integration of learning)

    Individual and social responsibility (civic responsibility and engagement; ethical reasoning; intercultural knowledge and actions; propensity for lifelong learning)


ART 101, Intro to Art and Architecture RELS 101, The Religious Sense
CLAS 101, Classical Mythology RELS 102, Intro to Catholicism
ENG 101, English Language & Literature I              RELS 201, Sacred Texts
ENG 201, English Language & Literature II RELS 202, Spiritual Classics
HIST 101, History of Christianity I SCI 201, Ecology
HIST 201, History of Christianity II SCI 202, Astronomy
MEDIA 101, History and Forms of Media Ancient Language Elective (1 of 2)
MEDIA 201, Contemporary Media GREEK 101, Intro to Classical Greek
PHIL 101, Ancient Philosophy LATIN 101, Intro to Latin
PHIL 102, Medieval Philosophy Modern Language Elective (1 of 2)
PHIL 201, Modern Philosophy ITALIAN 201, Intro to Italian
PHIL 202, Contemporary Ethics SPANISH 201, Intro to Spanish


Tuition and Fees for Canadian & International Students

Registration Fee: $100 CAD/year

Tuition: $6,500 CAD/year 

Textbooks: Additional

Archdiocese of Vancouver Entrance Award: Students who live within the Archdiocese of Vancouver may be eligible for a $500 entrance award.

Tuition Discounts

Advance Payment:  2% for payment in advance by cash or cheque before first day of classes, for full-time students only (ten courses over two semesters).

Siblings:  5% discount for siblings (first year only) of alum.

Returning Students:  5% discount for students returning for the second year.