HIST 201, History of Christianity II

A survey of Christianity from the Investiture Controversy to the present day, including how faith and doctrine developed in the context of the social, cultural, and political trends in Europe. How Christianity influenced European civilization, and how it was in turn influenced by it.

   • Render an overview of the major turning points of Christianity from the Investiture Controversy to the present day

   • Identify the causes of division between Eastern and Western Christianity

   • Evaluate the Crusades, the Protestant Reformation, the Catholic Counter-Reformation, and other key events in the history of Christianity

   • Evaluate the role the Catholic Church played in the development of art and architecture, universities, and other social instituions

   • Understand the factors that led to the evangelization of the New World

   • Critically evaluate the Catholic Church’s confrontation with modernity

   • Identify the female geniuses of the Church

Course Details:  The Holy Roman Empire, the Investiture Controversy and the Papal Revolution, universities and cathedrals; the Great Western Schism; the Crusades; the Reformation; the Catholic Revival; the Council of Trent; Jansenism; spreading the Gospel in the New World; the Age of Enlightenment; the French Revolution and its consequences; Modernism

Image: A romantic commemoration of the French Revolution by Eugène Delacroix [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons