MEDIA 101, History and Forms of Media

An overview of the history and forms of media from the ancients to the moderns, and their impact on society, including: Roman roads; Egyptian paper; medieval architecture; patronage; the printing press; photography and film; wire-born media; wireless and broadcast media; and the Internet.

   • Discuss a philosophy of communications based on Aristotle’s Rhetoric and relate it to modern-day media

   • Identify and describe the various forms of media through history, and discuss their impact on society and culture

   • Identify and describe the various forms of patronage, advertising, and finance in media

   • Identify and describe the various technologies used in producing media, both analog and digital

   • Identify and discuss the nature of propaganda and media bias in various forms of media

   • Identify and describe personality types and communication styles

   • Create a media campaign using traditional non-digital formats

Image: An ancient Egyptian form of Twitter.