RELS 101, The Religious Sense

The religious sense, or the religious dimension in life, has been defined as that level of the human person’s nature through which he or she asks “ultimate questions, searching for the ultimate meaning of life in all its hidden facets and implications” (Luigi Guisanni, The Religious Sense). This quest has been an integral part of human history and comprises the stories of all cultures. Explore these “ultimate questions” and the human desire for goodness, beauty, truth, justice, & happiness, through the use of literature, film, & music.

   • Reflect on personal experience and discern the structural elements of self-awareness and human desire; read literature, view film, and understand music in relation to structures of human desire; reflect philosophically in a basic way by relating different cultural proposals to personal structures of human desire and experience

   • Understand the phenomenon of the religious sense in a comparative religious context by looking at key literary and artistic works drawn from a wide variety of cultures

   • Understand the way in which what it means to use human reason has shifted in a post-Christian culture, by comparing classical Christian conceptions of reason with key modern conceptions

Course Details:  The meaning of the religious sense; reason; human experience and judgment; the morality of knowing, including the role feelings and affectivity play in human knowing; the nature of freedom and loss of freedom; the experience of the sign and the adventure of interpretation