RELS 202, Spiritual Classics

From its beginnings in the apostolic and patristic ages, through the medieval and counter-reformation eras, and down to contemporary times, the Catholic mystical tradition is contemplated in this course through the reading, analysis, and discussion of, classic primary sources. The spiritual masterpieces of other religious traditions will also be considered in a comparative religious context.

   • Analyze and discuss classic writings in the Catholic spiritual tradition

   • Analyze and discuss classic spiritual writings in other religious traditions in a comparative religious context

   • Distinguish between various schools of spirituality

   • Compare guidelines for spiritual growth and self-awareness in the texts examined, and discuss the relevance of these insights for the student’s own life experience

Course Details: Introduction to Catholic spirituality; the beginnings of monasticism; Patristic doctrines of spirituality; medieval monasticism; extra-monastic movements in medieval spirituality; Counter-Reformation spirituality; contemporary spirituality; selected classic texts in other religious traditions

Image: South Rose Window of Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, France.