Executive Team

President | Anabella Nootebos

Student President (SP)

The 2019/20 Student President is Anabella Nootebos. If you have any questions, or simply want to help out the CPSA team, feel free to ask her. To contact Anabella, or any of the CPSA, click here.

Strategic Role

  • President has vision, and sees the big picture. He/She is able to hold the mission statement, the academic year theme, and identity of the CPSA in view as plans and decisions are being made. The Student President guides the mission and message of the CPSA.
  • Regarding the college’s evangelistic identity, the SP is responsible to remind, encourage, and guide other members of the CPSA and all students to be outward-minded, and reaching out to others in the community - whether that is at CPC, TWU, or the surrounding areas.


Practical Role

  • Term is one academic year
  • Elected by student body as administrative representative
    • Interacts with college administration via Student Life Advisor (Scott Roy)
  • Responsible for getting approval for the process, initiating, and coordinating the election of the next student president
  • Responsible for entrusting mission and duties of president the successor
  • Has final responsibility for CPSA
  • Must be able to work well in a team environment
  • Must be able to delegate work well
  • Responsible for finances and is responsible to the Executive Assistant (Sherri)
  • Responsible for generating and/or approving events that will benefit the student body
  • SP is expected to attend all key events (i.e. Mass with Archbishop, Winter Formal, Spring Banquets, etc)
  • Must be prudent, understanding what is and is not acceptable at events (i.e. on college grounds - no alcohol, bonfire rules, etc.
  • May need to coordinate with other student leaders - i.e. Chamber Choir Leader, Grand Knight, Women’s Group Leader
  • Liason with Chaplain
  • Encourage growth in community spirit
  • Conduct meetings well
    • Create and set agenda
    • Notetaker
    • Remind everyone of roles - in the sense that roles may seem overwhelming and daunting, but not if they’re understood in a well planned manner
    • Capable of good delegation practices